Five back-to-basics tips to change your company culture

Author Jon Gordon offers advice From his work with successful remodeling firms

primate typingWhat if everyone in your company worked relentlessly to be the best? The best salesperson … the best customer service professional … the best manager … the best (let’s just say) cake decorator or corporate blogger or nonprofit fundraiser in the industry? It’s a simple notion but one with profound implications, says Jon Gordon. remodeling publicationsAfter all, a company made up of the best people in the business is itself the best in the business —- and while there are no sure bets, being the best is the closest you’ll ever come to a get-out-of-the-recession-free card. [ Read on ]

Boiled down to its five-part essence, the tips are:

  1. Be willing to outwork everyone else.
  2. Get the little things right.
  3. Don’t lower your standards when no one’s looking.
  4. Don’t focus on outcomes. Instead, focus on the process that gets you there.
  5. Whatever you do, don’t rest on your proverbial laurels.

Source: Five back-to-basics tips to change your company culture – Housing Zone

Resources: Remodeling in Nashville, Tennessee

    remodeling publications

  • Broderick Builders, Inc.
  • My Remodel Pro: Dream. Plan. Build.
  • Green Hills Handyman: A division of Broderick Builders, Inc., "The Remodeling Specialists." Throughout our 33+ years of remodeling some of the finest homes in Nashville, Tennessee, our clients have requested everything from designing and constructing a one-million-dollar home addition to changing a light bulb. We have the expertise to get it all done; however, we now realize that the light bulb change can be just as important to one client as the major home addition is to another. Unfortunately, most contractors & handymen never sufficiently develop the third eye, remaining blind to the pervasive principle of service. [ Continue reading ]
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My Remodel Pro: Another Nashville residential remodeling blog

remodeling publicationsBe sure to check out My Remodel Pro, a Nashville-area residential remodeling blog whose thoughts flow from one Randy Word: a longtime local remodeling professional who plays on the Broderick Builders team.

This writer — here and now, for the record – solemnly issues a novel, somewhat subversive goal for this Nashville residential remodeling blog (aptly named Nashville residential remodeling), just to keep things interesting (as if they weren’t already).

Goal:fractal art To surpass the similarly themed remodeling blog My Remodel Pro — as measured by overall quantity of content by word count, the number of published posts, and eventually, the total pageviews/ blog readership.

Is this goal possible? Who knows… but this swerve toward silliness just might add a little pep to this blogger’s step.

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Choosing the right remodeling contractor

structure - indoorsChoosing the right Nashville residential remodeling contractor is the first and most important decision to be made in the remodeling process. Does the general contractor or contracting firm have the required experience? Is the general contractor or contracting firm bonded and insured? Can we get along together for an extended length of time? How does the billing process work? These are only a couple of examples of very relevant questions to explore.

random transitionWhen you decide to remodel your home, you are making a large commitment of your time and finances. You need to be certain that both your money and time will be handled in a professional manner. The client needs to be satisfied on the front end that all expenses are recorded and accounted for properly and that the remodeling project runs on schedule. More importantly, however, you deserve the assurance that the remodeling company you have hired – as well as its employees – are people you can trust.

The parts comprising the whole of Broderick Builders, Inc. are experienced, driven, knowledgeable, dedicated, service-oriented — and, without a doubt — trustworthy.

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Remodeling vs. new construction

structureRemodeling differs from new construction in many ways. Perhaps the most significant practical difference is that the homeowners generally occupy the residence while remodeling projects are underway. Workers must be cognizant of the homeowner’s rights to reasonable cleanliness and privacy, at a bare minimum.

In the world of residential remodeling, hidden obstacles often reveal themselves in the form of conditions that are often completely unknown church buildinguntil the demolition of walls, roof, and floors is well underway. With these factors in mind, remodeling can be a little tricky.

The Broderick Builders team possesses the training and the experience to deal with a wide variety of situations that often present themselves in the remodeling business. Common remodeling challenges are often smoothed out early in the process, before such issues have a chance to gain a stubborn foothold moonor develop into more significant problems.

Broderick Builders, Inc. has managed to bank a substantial amount of trust during its decades of helping fulfill the dreams of Nashville homeowners — and Broderick Builders stands ready to assist new clients and make new homeowner dreams come true.

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