Five back-to-basics tips to change your company culture

Author Jon Gordon offers advice From his work with successful remodeling firms

primate typingWhat if everyone in your company worked relentlessly to be the best? The best salesperson … the best customer service professional … the best manager … the best (let’s just say) cake decorator or corporate blogger or nonprofit fundraiser in the industry? It’s a simple notion but one with profound implications, says Jon Gordon. remodeling publicationsAfter all, a company made up of the best people in the business is itself the best in the business —- and while there are no sure bets, being the best is the closest you’ll ever come to a get-out-of-the-recession-free card. [ Read on ]

Boiled down to its five-part essence, the tips are:

  1. Be willing to outwork everyone else.
  2. Get the little things right.
  3. Don’t lower your standards when no one’s looking.
  4. Don’t focus on outcomes. Instead, focus on the process that gets you there.
  5. Whatever you do, don’t rest on your proverbial laurels.

Source: Five back-to-basics tips to change your company culture – Housing Zone

Resources: Remodeling in Nashville, Tennessee

    remodeling publications

  • Broderick Builders, Inc.
  • My Remodel Pro: Dream. Plan. Build.
  • Green Hills Handyman: A division of Broderick Builders, Inc., "The Remodeling Specialists." Throughout our 33+ years of remodeling some of the finest homes in Nashville, Tennessee, our clients have requested everything from designing and constructing a one-million-dollar home addition to changing a light bulb. We have the expertise to get it all done; however, we now realize that the light bulb change can be just as important to one client as the major home addition is to another. Unfortunately, most contractors & handymen never sufficiently develop the third eye, remaining blind to the pervasive principle of service. [ Continue reading ]

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